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Streamline your Field Service Operations with ServiceDeck

ServiceDeck is here to help businesses of all sizes manage their field service operations more efficiently and effectively. Streamline your

scheduling dispatching invoicing team management quotation inventory management worker availability management from one easy-to-use platform!

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More efficient workload distribution and scheduling


Jobs completed by service providers


Better customer experience by using ServiceDeck


Improvement in quotation and invoicing speed

Why Choose ServiceDeck for Your  Field Service Management Needs?

Smart Scheduling

  • Drag and drop calendar to help you visualize your company’s daily workload
  • With only a few clicks, create a job and assign it to your team based on their availability
  • Enhanced Smart Scheduling that takes into account your employee’s unique availability, time off, and daily breaks
automated scheduling

Quotation & Invoicing

  • Create quotes within seconds by adding the items & services from your inventory
  • Send the quotes directly from the system, approve and convert to a job with one click
  • Seamless Invoicing with comprehensive inventory management system. In one click, convert your job into an invoice
  • From cash to bank deposits, give your customer the ability to choose their preferred method of payment
  • Customize your invoices to better fit your brand identity
  • Visualize the status of your invoices and determine the payout rate of your work orders
automated proposal

Document Management

  • Keep all job-specific documents organized in one place. Let your client sign off on every stage of the project.
  • In-app document management lets your team attach project images on the go.
  • Archive documents and completed work orders for future reference

Employee & Contractor Management

  • Track workers’ availability when scheduling a job
  • Add custom tags based on worker’s speciality, skills, languages… you’re in complete control!
  • Check and approve worker’s time off requests
  • Track employee work load through the dashboard
  • Time tracking feature included in the worker’s mobile app

💡 Got another feature you want to see? Just let us know and you will see it in the nearest future!

Customer Portal

  • Dedicated Customer Portal for your new and existing clientele. It’s FREE for them, but the features are limited compared to the “Service provider” portal.
  • Customer can track the progress on all their open requests, quotes, invoices, and job status.
  • Online chat can be conveniently used to request more questions regarding the request.

Mobile App

  • Connect to your on-field workers through our mobile app. Get access to their live location, work history, and project status.
  • The worker can see all scheduled jobs and update their status ones on-field.
  • Through the app, worker can request time off, log their work, and attach any images or notes.
  • While on-field, your employees can request any additional resources needed for the job to be completed.
Mobile App


  • AI-Powered marketplace tailored to your business
  • Instant access to new markets, clients and projects
  • Data-driven Business Directory for public reviews and ratings
  • Database of Service Providers for efficient outsourcing

Benefits you get by using ServiceDeck

💯 Enhanced productivity

ServiceDeck streamlines your field service operations, automating time-consuming manual tasks and enabling your team to focus on delivering top-notch services.

⌚️ Efficient scheduling

ServiceDeck’s smart scheduling feature ensures optimal resource allocation, reducing conflicts and maximizing the efficiency of your field workers.

🖥 Centralized management

Manage your clients, workers, documents, inventory, and jobs all within ServiceDeck’s comprehensive platform, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

📁 Secure document storage

Keep all job-specific documents organized and accessible in one place, making it easy for your team to attach project images and notes on-the-go.

😁 Improved customer satisfaction

By providing real-time updates, easy communication channels, and personalized customer portals, ServiceDeck enhances the customer experience, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

⚙️ Seamless integrations

ServiceDeck’s compatibility with popular platforms like Stripe, QuickBooks, and WordPress allows for easy integration into your existing workflows, further automating and optimizing your business processes.

Our Clients Absolutely Adore ServiceDeck

We take care of our customers! From product training to individual customizations – we do it all!

ServiceDeck has improved our invoicing and quotation processes significantly. The combination of tools provided by them is sufficient for SMBs to improve the operations by 20–50%. In addition to that, knowledge and friendly customer support makes the overall experience seamless! Highly recommend ServiceDeck to any business that wants to see a significant improvement in their field service management”

Olia SCo-Owner, CleanRight

Our productivity has noticably gone up since implementing the platform. We are now able to dedicate more time on our products while having the peace of mind that our customer experience has improved.

Ross VProject Manager, IT Action Group

ServiceDeck has enhanced our user experience and allowed us to move faster than ever and our company is now positioned to scale.

Jack GrahamOwner, A2Z Moving

ServiceDeck has transformed our field service operations. The job scheduling and dispatch feature has made it so much easier to manage our technicians, and the inventory management tools have helped us keep our costs down. I highly recommend this software to any field service company.

ZazaOwner, Urban Plumbing

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