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Meet our seamless, scalable

Smart AI Help Desk

for Property Managers

🚀 Optimize tenant issue management

  • Efficiency Boost: Reduce manual work with automatic ticket generation.
  • Enhanced Tenant Experience: Provide a modern, interactive way for tenants to report issues.
  • All-In-One Platform: From reporting to resolution, manage everything in one place.
  • Expand Your Network: Access our comprehensive marketplace to find reliable service providers

🎁 How It Works

Keep Your Business Running Like Clockwork! From Anywhere, At Any Time!

🤳Scan or Call

Tenants scan a QR code in their apartment to report an issue.

💬 Intuitive AI Chat

Through our advanced AI chat, tenants detail their concerns.

🗓️ Schedule & Resolve

Assign tasks to your in-house team or select a trusted service provider from our marketplace.

⚡ Instant Ticket Creation

All details are automatically transformed into a ticket within your ServiceDeck interface.

🤳Scan or Call

Ensure faster issue resolution and enhance tenant satisfaction.

What Do You Get Within the first 3 months?

Limited Time Offer! Offer ends on November 21, 2023


Personalized support. Our specialist will be there for you for any issues or requests you may have.


Months For FREE. So you can enjoy the benefits before making a decision.


Developers Available for Any changes to further improve and amplify your performance.

With ServiceDeck, managing tenant issues has never been easier. The AI chat system is a game-changer!

ZazaAlex Rodriguez, Metro Properties

We've found two apps that are like our trusty companions: Gmail and now ServiceDeck. ServiceDeck has been a total transformer for us, making our lives easier by consolidating all our business tasks in one place.

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc

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🤔 FAQs

You got questions? Well, we got answers!

How does the AI chat ensure that submitted ticket is accurate in details?

Our AI chat system is designed to ask precise questions and clarify any details, ensuring all necessary information is collected accurately.

Can the AI chat handle multiple languages to cater to diverse tenants?

Absolutely! Our AI chat is designed to be inclusive and can communicate in multiple languages. This ensures that all your tenants, regardless of their primary language, can effectively report their issues and provide necessary details.

Can I integrate ServiceDeck's system with other tools that I'm currently using?

Yes, ServiceDeck is built with flexibility in mind. We offer integration options with popular property management tools. If you have a specific tool in mind, please reach out to our support team, and we’ll assist you in streamlining the integration process.

What to do if the AI chat encounters a problem it can't handle or understand?

While our AI chat is advanced and capable of understanding a wide range of issues, in the rare event it encounters a unique or complex problem, it’s designed to capture basic details and forward the ticket to the property manager for manual review. Our priority is to ensure no tenant issue goes unnoticed.

How do we implement the QR code system in each apartment?

Implementing the QR code system is straightforward. Once you sign up with ServiceDeck, we’ll provide you with unique QR codes for each apartment or property under management. These can be easily printed and placed in a common area or distributed to tenants. When scanned, they’ll directly link to the ServiceDeck AI chat.

How secure is the information that I or my customers provide to the AI chat?

Security is paramount to us. All data exchanged through the AI chat is encrypted and stored in secure servers. We adhere to industry-standard security practices to ensure that tenant information and property details remain confidential and protected.

🏆 We got Something Extra

See for yourself! Our system is filled with technology-driven features

Coffee Vendor

With an intuitive mobile app, workers can review schedules, update timesheets, request time off, and communicate with clients on the go.


Take the guesswork out of scheduling and keep track of workers’ time off and workload. Let our smart algorithm build the perfect schedule for your team!