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ServiceDeck Features

Discover all tools by ServiceDeck that can help your business skyrocket!

ServiceDeck Features

Discover all tools by ServiceDeck that can help your business skyrocket!


  • Marketplace – AI-Powered marketplace tailored to your business. Instant access to new markets, clients and projects. Send quotes and acquire new customers.
  • Online chat – Live chat with a customer for additional project clarifications or updates.
  • Customer Portal – Give access to ServiceDeck for free to all of your customers. They get an instant ability to create new requests and access the current job information.
    Note: the features for customers are limited compared to the “Service provider” portal.
  • Mobile App – Connect to your on-field workers through our mobile app. Get access to their live location, work history, project status, and availability. All documents can be convenietly attached to the project right on filed.


  • Employee Availability – Take into account workers’ time-off requests and their workload when building a daily schedule. When scheduling a job, unavailable workers will be marked for your convenience.
  • Smart Scheduling – Drag and drop calendar, 1-off and recurring jobs set up, and worker’s availability – all in one place for easy work scheduling.
  • Document management – Keep all job-specific documents organized in one place. Let your client sign off on every stage of the project. “before” and “after” images can attached on-field.
  • Integrated Invoicing – Seamless Invoicing with comprehensive inventory management system. In one click, convert your job into an invoice – DONE!


  • Automated Quotes – Automatically calculate quotation prices based on available inventory, labour, and resources. Attach any optional items for a customer to choose.
  • Stripe Integration – Stripe Integration automates your payouts and delivers a fast and efficient payment transfer solution.
  • Integrated Questionnaire – AI-Powered Questionnaire designed to aid you and your customer in the Initial Quotation Process.
  • Detailed reporting – Determine the factors that contribute to the idle time and adjust your schedule accordingly.

ServiceDeck has you covered

All-In-One Solution For Your Business, Your Team, and Your Customers


Qualify service providers

Navigate through hundreeds of service providers, check their reviews, projects completed, and contact information.

Efficient outsourcing

As a service provider, you can hire other service providers through the marketplace to fulfill your own or customer’s projects

Team management

Easily assign job roles and access to specific features to your team members with our intuitive web-based interface

Everyone in one place

Invite your team and clients to the platform using custom email templates directly from the platform.


Import/Export Any Data

Bulk import/export your clients, vendors, products, services, invoices, quotes, and orders.

Custom email templates

Use our various templates to send custom emails to your customer and team members at each project step with just 1-click.

Worker expertise

Add the tags to each worker’s profile for easier navigation when scheduling a job.

Manage Workload

In-app time logs to monitor the detailed workload of your worker

Interactive map

Interactive map to track your current projects and worker locations

Flexible Payment Options

Cash, bank deposits, cheques, credit card, and more – give your customer complete freedom over their preferred method of payment.

Customize your documents

Customize your invoices and quotes to better fit your brand identity

Quote & Invoice Views

Track if your invoices and quotes were viewed by a client. Follow up at the right time!


Customer push notifications

Provide your customer with automated live email and system updates of the project status changes

Update your team on the go

Keep your team up-to-date with mobile push notifications.

Inventory tracking

Automatic notifications if your inventory is running low, invoice gets paid, or job gets completed.

Customizable Dashboards

Visualize the status of your invoices and determine the payout rate of your work orders, and many other metrics.

QuickBooks Integration

Integration with QuickBooks allows for seamless payment transfer and on-field invoicing.

Employee Work Efficiency

Track the efficiency of your on-field workers.

Coming soon