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Reduce Property Management Stress with ServiceDeck AI 🤖

No more calls, emails and months-long wait time.
Manage Properties Talk to Tenants Find Workers – all in one place!

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Hey there! We’re the ServiceDeck team – who believe that managing your property operations should be as enjoyable as a pizza party on a Friday night! That’s why we’ve created ServiceDeck, an affordable and easy to use solution for any and all needs of your business.

🥇 No Other Software Can Do What We Can

🏆  Save Valuable Time: With ServiceDeck, property managers report saving up to 30% of their time previously spent on manual coordination and scheduling. Automated task management means fewer hours spent on paperwork and more time for strategic planning and growth.
💬 Instant, Reliable Tenant Support: Our AI-powered chat system ensures 24/7 availability for tenant communications. This results in a 40% faster response rate to tenant inquiries and maintenance issues, enhancing tenant satisfaction and retention.
🛠️ Quality Services: Access a network of trusted and vetted service providers. Our users have experienced a 25% reduction in maintenance costs due to competitive pricing and efficient service match-making in our marketplace.
💰 Cost-Effective Operations: ServiceDeck not only makes your workflow more efficient but also more economical. By reducing manual task management and streamlining service requests, property managers can expect significant cost savings, enhancing overall profitability.
🌍 Strengthening Tenant Relationships – Win-Win: Happy tenants lead to a prosperous property management business. ServiceDeck’s efficiency in addressing and resolving tenant issues can lead to a 50% improvement in tenant satisfaction scores, fostering a positive living environment and boosting tenant loyalty.

How does this apply to YOUR business?

Solution Designed to Save Money & Time for ALL Property Management Businesses!

Quick Issue Submission via QR Code

Scan, Chat, Report: Tenants can easily report issues by scanning a QR code in their apartment, connecting them to our AI chat. This system simplifies the issue submission process, allowing quick and accurate issue description and immediate ticket generation.

AI-Powered Ticket Creation

Automated and Accurate: Once a tenant reports an issue through the AI chat, the system automatically creates a detailed ticket in your ServiceDeck dashboard. This feature ensures accurate categorization and prioritization of issues, streamlining the initial step of issue management.

Flexible Job Assignment

In-House or Outsourced: After ticket generation, you have the flexibility to assign the issue to your in-house team or outsource it through ServiceDeck’s marketplace. This feature provides versatile options for handling various maintenance needs efficiently.

Centralized Management Dashboard

One Platform, Complete Control: ServiceDeck’s dashboard centralizes all your property management activities. From reviewing tickets to scheduling maintenance work, this feature consolidates various management tasks into a single, user-friendly interface.

Marketplace Access for Services

Connect with Service Providers: When specialized services are required, access ServiceDeck’s marketplace to find and schedule trusted service providers. This feature offers a convenient way to manage external contracts and ensure quality maintenance services.

ServiceDeck's AI chat feature has completely changed how we handle work orders issues. It's streamlined our communication, dramatically improved our scheduling processes, and made managing work orders a breeze. This has led to significant time and cost savings for our business. Highly recommend for any property management or service-focused business looking to upgrade their efficiency!

ZazaOwner, Urban Plumbing

In our toolbox of essential resources, ServiceDeck's AI chat has earned its place alongside Gmail and phone book. It's been a game-changer in how we manage tenant communications and maintenance requests. By consolidating these crucial tasks into one efficient platform, ServiceDeck has saved us countless hours and substantially reduced our operational costs.

John Paul

I can't believe we waited this long to integrate ServiceDeck's AI chat into our operations! The team's expertise is evident in the design and functionality of this feature. It has transformed our tenant interaction process, saving us both time and money, and has far exceeded our expectations. A truly amazing experience and a must-have for modern property management.

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc

Here is One of Our Existing Clients Use Case

We take care of our customers! From product training to individual customizations – we do it all!

Quick FREE Setup

Sign up with ServiceDeck. Once registered, you'll be guided through a simple setup process to link your property management details with ServiceDeck.

Tailor to Your Needs

Customize the AI chat according to your property specifics. Whether you manage a single building or multiple units, you can easily generate and distribute unique QR codes for each property. The AI chat can be tailored to ask specific questions based on the types of properties you manage, ensuring that the information gathered is relevant and comprehensive.

Deploy and Engage

Implement and Educate Tenants: Place the QR codes in easily accessible areas within your properties. Introduce your tenants to this new feature through a simple guide or an introductory email. Explain how they can use their smartphones to scan these codes and report any issues via the AI chat. This step is crucial to ensure that tenants are comfortable with and fully utilize the new system.

Efficient Management

Track and Resolve Issues: As tenants begin to use the AI chat, you’ll receive real-time alerts and tickets in your ServiceDeck dashboard. Assign tickets to your maintenance team or connected with service providers through the marketplace. Monitor the progress and manage tasks efficiently, all within ServiceDeck’s centralized platform.

Our AI Can Talk!

We know that many tenants might not like this "technology", we thought about it too! In addition to the QR code, each property/apartment will get a phone number that does exactly the same thing, but through the phone call conversation!